Doogle Buddies have a range of services to suit each dog and owner.  These are described below, but we are flexible so if a service you require is not listed below, get in touch and we will see if we can accommodate you and your dogs needs.  Our first meet and greet is free to get to know you and your dog and talk about what you need from us.

Group/Social Walks – A walk with a maximum of three dogs who prefer the company of other dogs.  It is important to us that your dog gets along with the other dogs in the group so will group dogs based on personality and walk requirements e.g. walk length, activity level and location.  A group/social walk is £10 per hour.

Solo Walks – Some dogs require more attention, are more timid or do not like the company of other dogs.  For these dogs we offer a solo walk for £15 per hour.

Short Walks – For older dogs or dogs which only require a short walk we can provide a 30 min walk for £8.

Puppy Time – For puppies who are still home bound we offer this service to provide your puppy company during the day and get to know them before they are ready for walks.  These cost £8 for 30 mins.

Home Visit – A visit at home may suit a quieter maybe older or less sociable dog better.  We can give your dog some attention at home, play in the garden and give them a feed.  A home visit costs £8 for 30 mins.

Weekend or Evening Time Walks (7-10pm) – If you work late or are on a night out and don’t want to leave your dog for the evening we can give them a walk.  These cost £12 per hour.